Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Repost: Why I work here!

My boss posted this today on his blog about "Why aren't you here yet". It's about our company, The Reed Group, and why you should work here.

I figured out his first 4 points long ago. It's the other 4 that helped bring me to Reed Group and to realize that yes, this IS the place to be!

One thing he forgot to mention: We innovate.

Reed Group is not just a software company. We're a technology company. What does that mean?

  • Don't just bang out code - I've been a web or application developer, a DBA and now a databases architect and I've written thousands of lines of ASP, .Net, java and T-SQL code. In all those years as I've written that code, I asked myself "Is this the best way to do this?". It may solve the problem but does it scale? That's the talent we hire. Forward thinkers. Those that know not just how to solve a problem, but know their tools intently, know what else is out there and look at different ways and methods to solve it.
  • Technology Integration - Yes, I'm a SQL Server database architect. I know it inside out. I know it from the storage subsystem all the way through memory and the engine. I know what's in the current release, the previous release and what's coming in the next releases. I can make informed decisions and recommendations so that it not only meets Reed Group's current needs but carries us forward into the next 3 to 5 years. Does that mean it's always the best tool? Maybe. Maybe not. I'm not so tied to the platform that I can't find a better way to make us successful in the future. And, as architect, I ensure that all aspects of our products work seamlessly. That goes from our core application, to the data warehouse, phone/IVR system, etc. It's not just about making the best Leave Management software, it's also about making the best tools available to help companies manage their leaves. That means that Reed Group isn't just banging out the same Software as a Service (Saas) or web product as well but how can it work with tablets and mobile devices to integrating leave management with normative data to provide accurate predictive models for those leaves.

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